How to prepare for your trip to Peru

So, you want to travel to South America and have picked this mystical and enchanting country to visit. You have heard your friends or family talking about reaching the infamous Machu Picchu, or you have seen the ever popular llamas and alpacas somewhere on the internet or TV. You want to realise your dream of travelling to Peru and soaking in all the sites, culture, history and food that it has to offer. But where do you begin? 

First of all, you must decide the length of your trip. Depending on how long you go for, you can see more of the country. I went for just under three weeks and would say that many travellers are there for at least a couple of weeks. Once you have decided how long you would like to go there for, you must have a budget in mind so you know what you must research. The mid-budget travel is the most common amongst travellers, however, you should decide your budget with your own personal factors in mind. If you would like to travel on a low budget, this would equate to about $25 a day, mid budget would be about $40 and high budget would be $50 and higher.  

Once you have sorted out your length of trip and budget per day, you can start looking on the Internet or in travel books about what the country has to offer and what you would like to see in particular. This is also a personal choice, but the majority of travellers, if not all, will spend time in Cusco and the Sacred Valley to see Machu Picchu. However, there is more to Peru than just this area, so I would advise first time travellers to look into the parts of the country and prioritise which places they would like to visit. 

I recommend Rough Guide, as well as Lonely Planet.
Both travel guides are clearly marked in sections for each region of Peru as well as the historical sites and cultural areas that you could see there. This will help you be able to split up your trip depending on the region. 

While I was researching for Peru, I read about the country and what could be done in each area. I looked to see the transportation from one place to the next and how I could fit into my travels. It seems very likely that you will fly into Lima, the capital city as this is where most of the international flights land. From then, you can plan what you would like to see. 

Be sure to research extensively at this stage as you get a flavour of the different parts of Peru. Not only can you visit the Cusco region, but also if you like, the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca. If you prefer a more rainforest feel, there exist trips to the jungle in Puerto Maldonado. So, there really is something for everyone. 

All you need at this stage, is an open mind and an adventurous heart as you should decide where you would like to go and what you would like to see. The possibilities are endless. 

Cañon de Colca, August 2019

Love Natasha

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